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Sakai Takayuki TUS Steel Japanese Chef’s Slicer (Sujihiki) 240 mm

Sakai Takayuki TUS Steel Japanese Chef’s Slicer (Sujihiki) 240 mm

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Gourmets tend to fall in love deep and hard when it comes to devouring the subtle pieces of Salmon Nigiri dabbed with exotic spices of Wasabi and slight dips in the Japanese Shoyu sauce. Japanese food has earned its fame for its intricacy – the complicated preparation processes that place Japanese cuisine as among the world’s most challenging food to prepare. It is indeed very well noticed that Japanese dishes, mainly ‘Sushi’ is challenged with numerous dishes from varying nations.

However, none has ever surpassed sushi and its popularity, for its uniqueness, vivid colored ingredients, and the balancing flavors linger in the memories of gourmets like no other. Famous Japanese dishes like Salmon sashimi and Ebi sushi are loved for the mild blends of flavors that linger and warm the hearts of even kids. As Japanese dishes require a lot of understanding in the blends of flavors, scents, and even in components that contribute to their outstanding visuals and aesthetics, outstanding skills and traditional techniques are essential to determine a fine, dining experience worth experiencing. With this as an essential part of Japanese cuisine, marking it among the world’s most challenging culinary arts to master, Japanese chefs and professionals highlight their originality through their mastery of the blades.

Japanese blades are known to be of honorable objects to Samurais. Same applies to Japanese Master chefs, Japanese knives are their cooking companions – determining the results, the outcome of the culinary crafts. Most Japanese professional chefs own quite a huge lot of varying Japanese knives as each serve different purposes.

However, it is highly important and greatly essential to know which to choose. There are Gyuto knives, known as multi-purpose knives like those of the Western knives used in kitchens, Bunka knives which have triangular-shaped tips perfect for cutting raw meat but also useful when it comes to chopping veggies, and so much more to explore. With varying knife types, Japanese chefs hopefuls would have to go through levels of training to unleash their passion and power to understand each and every knife to serve its sole purpose.

Sakai Takayuki’s Chef’s Slicer Knife

Among Japan’s top cutlery brands, Sakai Takayuki, with its history dating back to 600 years ago, has always remained the number one brand in the hearts of chefs worldwide. Forging fine quality since the early 1980s, Sakai Takayuki knives are durable, rust resistance, highly efficient, and most of all – extremely sharp. Since its early establishment, Sakai Takayuki has forged top-tier quality knives and introduce new innovations up until today, resulting in countless numbers of knife models used by chefs worldwide – and by this, not only that means their knives are limited to Japanese chefs, but also international professionals.

One of the amazing knife models include Sakai Takayuki Sakai Takayuki TUS Steel Japanese Chef’s Slicer (Sujihiki) 240 mm knife. This model features extreme lightness and a well-balanced grip style that enables users of all abilities to wield it with great confidence. Made out of the TUS stainless steel, Sakai Takayuki TUS Steel Japanese Chef’s Slicer (Sujihiki) 240 mm knife is capable of performing various intricate techniques extremely durable and is also rust resistant, which makes it among the amazing knives Sakai Takayuki has forged.

Also with attention to detail, Sakai Takayuki TUS Steel Japanese Chef’s Slicer (Sujihiki) 240 mm knife has an extremely good grip-balance handle with unique designs accompanied with premium accents. Manufactured by Aoki Hamono Co.,Ltd Japan, it is of assured, premium quality. The blade is 240mm in length, while the entire knife is of 360mm, with a thickness of approximately 1.7mm. Sakai Takayuki TUS Steel Japanese Chef’s Slicer (Sujihiki) 240 mm knife is a knife worth keeping and also a model in which pays great attention to efficiency over any other components.

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